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Before the Internet, I used to lie in bed at night composing thoughts as if I were talking to a wise entity. (An actual face never came to mind). I would re-word and re-phrase the thoughts till they were crystal clear. Now I can blog. And hopefully, there are a lot of wise people with real faces out there who might just comment back.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Five things to Flesh out Characters

I’ve been tagged by chica nuts (and she was tagged by stegbettle) to participate in this. We bloggers are to help provide writers with material to flesh out their characters by listing five things about ourselves that are not commonly known or that are kind of interesting, so here goes:

1. I have been married twice. Both men are named Rick. Both Ricks are the youngest of nine children. (That is where the similarities end).

2. I used to grow unusual vegetables in my garden, before it was popular. For example: blue corn. I ground it into cornmeal and made blue cornmeal muffins. Also, I grew horehound, an herb in the mint family, and came up with a recipe for horehound candy/cough drops. I sold the recipe through the classified ads in Herb Companion Magazine.

3. You’ve heard of the Mozart Effect? Well, I don’t know if it is scientifically proven but I know that I’ve been affected by Mozart. Though I grew up in an average middle class home, my father played Mozart on the stereo most of the time. I learned an appreciation for classical music at a very early age. Yet I still lived and still do live in a world where most people listen to contemporary pop, rock and country. I don’t fit in (though I keep that to myself). Nor do I fit in with the society that openly listens to classical music. I am caught between two classes. It gets kinda lonely. (I do have an eclectic taste in music; just not the “top 40’s” stuff).

4. A few years ago I had a “frozen shoulder” medically known as adhesive capsulitis. It came on slowly but boy did it hurt and restrict my daily activities. I had a cortisone injection and then physical therapy. Then an MRI. The surgeon, family doctor and physical therapist all agreed that I should have surgery (or at least manipulation under anesthesia: read: yank the crap out of my shoulder to break it loose). I was all set to have it done but decided to check out the Internet one more time. I stumbled onto a message board of people who had the same thing. Almost all said to NOT have any medical procedure done. They said give it 18 months to 2 years and the shoulder would get better on its own. So I told the doctors that I decided to do nothing. They were a little perturbed with me. But don’t you know, almost 18 months to the day, my shoulder thawed. No more pain, no more restricted movement.

5. Lately I’ve been smitten with QVC, especially the jewelry segment. I’ll watch it for hours. Yet I don’t wear much jewelry (just a my wedding set and a conservative pair of earrings). I don’t even have my nails done or have occasion to dress up. Still I am enamored by the sparkling diamonds and gemstones that Lisa offers on QVC. (Even the fake stuff). Well, I did collect rocks as a child. It must be an outcropping of my fondness for rocks—no pun intended.

Now I’m tagging aj today and tomorrow and fight for your mind.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Stegbeetle said...

It should be compulsory for people to listen to Mozart occasionally.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger Cyclothymic Cister said...

thanks steg. A little Pink Floyd sprinkled in doesn't hurt either.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Stegbeetle said...

This is true. What a wise person you are!


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