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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Parking Ticket Fiasco

A notice came in the mail saying that I needed to pay a parking ticket. Payment was to be made within 10 days, payable to The City Police Department. I made out a check, put it in an envelope and addressed the envelope to said City Police Dept., using the address that was on the notice.

WTF, the payment came back to me as undeliverable. It seems the forwarding address service has expired. What? Doesn’t the Police Dept. have the courtesy to put their new address on the notices, especially if they expect payment within a certain time? The City spent gobs of money on the new police dept. facility, so you would think they could spring for some updated forms with the correct address.

And to the Postal Service: the police department moved two doors down on the same street. Is it too difficult to figure out where the mail is supposed to go???

So, I went to the Police Department in person, wielding my envelope marked “return to sender”. Through three panes of plate glass, I explained my situation. The lady behind the glass said, “Just a minute, I’ll call the meter clerk.” She was on the phone for a moment, and then said, “Mr. Van Meter will be with you shortly.” Van Meter?? Did you just make that up??

Anyway, I explained to the lady behind the glass that all I wanted to say was that the address should have been correct on the form.

She said, “We’ve moved.”

“I realize that,” I said, as I was standing in the middle of the lobby in the NEW BUILDING just down the street from the old building.

“The address should have been CHANGED on the form,” I explained.

She said that she was surprised, because Mr. Van Meter usually does change it on the form. So I opened the envelope to take a look, (I had enclosed the original notice). Sure enough in 4 pt font, the mail-to address was there, and in just as small handwriting the street number was crossed out and the correct one written in.

But at the bottom of the form, in bold 14 pt font was the OLD Police Department address. For those of us who need reading glasses, we aren’t going to look for the 4pt font we are naturally going to see the big bold address. My point is, they should have gotten new forms to go along with their fancy smacy new facility. (Don’t get me wrong, I respect and support our law enforcement, local and national. This was just small town stupidity).

I handed the lady the envelope with my payment and asked if she could just give it to Mr. Van Meter. She said, “Yes,” with a smile on her face.

No wonder she is behind three panes of plate glass.


At 9:12 AM, Blogger aj-today said...

Wait...Did you say Mr. Van Meter, the meter clerk? That's just about as funny as a well-known dermatologist in my town named Dr. Rash.

But more to the point of your post, that's government for you. Inefficient and wasteful.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Cyclothymic Cister said...

LOL about Dr. Rash. My daughter had a music teacher in grade school named Ms. DooDaa. Also, my nephew had a school guidance counselor named Ms. Friend.


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