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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ants at Work (Worker Ants)

We had an ant problem in our office. Trails of the little things were leading to the vending machine. Today a fellow employee went out and purchased some liquid ant killer, the kind you place on little round pieces of cardboard. It worked within minutes. The ants were all over that stuff. The instructions say that the worker ants will eat it, but not die immediately. They will live long enough to carry poison to the others in the colony. (Those last two sentences were just an FYI)

What I found to be humorous were all the varieties of ants that were listed among the sweet eating varieties:


Argentine ants (do they dance the Tango?), Ghost ants (the ones that come back to haunt you AFTER they eat the poison), Cornfield ants (they talk with a twang), Pavement ants (these must be a product of evolution), Acrobat ants (I just thought they were carrying their dead), White footed ants (these are the pavement ants, one more step up the evolutionary ladder. They burnt their feet crossing the hot pavement and now wear little white sneakers), Little black ants (until now, I thought they were ALL little black ants), Odorous house ants (seriously, I smashed an ant that was crawling up my arm and it stunk!), Crazy ants (the ones who think they can eat out of OUR vending machine), Big headed ants (what would make an ant big headed? Bragging about how it can lift 10 times it weight in sweets? ), and other sweet eating ants.

*edit: I added a couple more descriptions.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Chicka said...

Big headed ants. Bwa ha ha....

At 11:42 AM, Blogger KC said...

LOL!!!! And STINKY ANTS!!!!???? As if they aren't annoying enough already!!!


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